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Creating a new standard for Pro-DJ CD decks, the CDJ-200 combines the key elements of Pioneer Professional CDJ players with a host of innovative features such as full-function MP3 playback, Hot Loop, Beat Loop and the unique one button Loop Cutter, for creating loops within loops until the beat has been cut to infinity. This technical excellence is complemented by a design that's visually stunning, DJ friendly,Robust,compact & portable making it the ideal choice for serious home DJs, bars & other installations.

Since the CDJ-200 is fully MP3-compatible, aspiring DJs can now include the very latest downloaded tracks in their sets, without having to convert the audio from other formats. The MP3 functionality also allows DJs to locate tracks more quickly (via Folder Search) and to see the name of the disc, artist and song on the unit's bright dot-matrix display window. This screen has a bar graph showing the elapsed and remaining playing time of a track, plus an Auto BPM Counter, giving DJs the real-time information they need to create better mixes more quickly. The unit has a tempo read-out too, as well as a separate Master Tempo button with 3 settings for locking the pitch of a track as it's sped up or slowed down. The unit uses an electric-blue light at strategic locations to give the DJ constant feedback on the status of the CD and the effects in use. The light above the CD-slot, for example, shows that there's no disc on board and also guides the DJ to the user-friendly quick-load slot. With the disc inserted, that light goes off and a blue illuminated ring appears around the edge of the Jog Wheel - indicating that CD is loaded & ready for playback.

An established highlight of Pioneer's Pro DJ CDJ players, the Jog Wheel can be used to speed up or slow down the music, to fine-tune cue points manually, or to control the mix with the help of another proven feature – the Digital Jog Break. This has three effect buttons (Jet, Zip, Wah) for creating original sounds as the DJ manipulates the Jog Wheel. When the Digital Jog Break is on, the blue ring flashes quickly. Once the HOLD/RESET button is used, the flashing slows down. With the effects off, the continuous blue light returns. The CDJ-200 also has a unique Resume function that takes effect if a CD is ejected accidentally. Once the DJ re-inserts the disc, it automatically starts playing from exactly the point where it stopped. The unit has a Digital Out socket too, so that all of the digital features available in DJ Mode can be carried over to a connected digital environment, as well as a headphone jack (with volume control) which allows the DJ to monitor a CD without connecting to a mixer or external amplifier.


The DJM-400 packs a wide variety of effects for creative mixing. The effects, that automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats include: Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll, all of which are processed at 24bits for the highest quality sound. In addition, by using the newly-adopted Beat Select Button, the DJM-400 automatically sets the effect time linked to the BPM for more intuitive play and responsive remixing.

The intelligent 96kHz/24bit sampler automatically detects the tempo of a track during playback, sampling it for four beats, then loops the sample. As the sampled audio is in sync with the beat of the track being played (no matter the tempo) the DJ is given more time to be creative. Samples are automatically beat matched and up to five samples can be stored in memory. Each of the DJM-400 's channels has a 3-band Kill EQ which ranges from +9dB to -8(infinity) for total control of the sound. The DJM-400 has been designed with as a perfect partner for the MP3 compatible CDJ-200 both in terms of style and function. When combined, these units create a small, portable yet powerful and robust DJ setup that offers exceptional versatility and performance.


Long recognized by the world’s DJs as the best club-use turntable, the famous SL-1210 series is without a rival. That's because it's heavy-duty design, vibration-resistant construction, and mechanical precision makes a lot of what DJs want to do possible. This deck features a Direct Drive motor, quartz movement for total accuracy, adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light and a sliding pitch control. With each new improvement, as form follows function, the Technics turntable has become a thing of beauty. From the community centers at the beginning of the disco era to the clubs of today, Technics decks have been the standard for over thirty years.

A high-performing, low-cost headphone, the DJPRO2000 is perfect for DJing at home, at parties, or in a club. Special features are -

· Rotating ear-cup allows for flexible positioning and single sided or shoulder rest wearing styles
· Detachable coiled cord (3m) for safe storage and easy replacement
· 1/4" connector
· Integrated mono or stereo monitoring
· Wide frequency response 20 Hz-30 KHz for outstanding sound reproduction
· Closed ear-cup design for sound isolation
· 50mm drivers for clear low end reproduction and superior power handling
· Convenient folding design for ease of storage and transportation
LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton

This is the definitive history of the disco jockey, the most important figure in dance music. From the first records right up to today’s charts, the DJ has broken musical boundaries and changed music. The power of the DJ forged the modern record industry. His taste-making skills brought us rock’n’roll and rhythm and blues. More recently, the DJ has created many new genres: from northern soul, disco, dub and hip hop, to house, techno, garage and drum’n’bass. And with visionary use of technology, the DJ has revolutionised the way music is made.

This book traces the evolution of the DJ’s craft over nearly a century through exclusive interviews with the world’s most influential DJs, from Grandmaster Flash and Frankie Knuckles to Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong. This is not just a book for trainspotters, yet it has details that will surprise even the most obsessive dance fan.DJs are artists in their own right. They take music further. For the first time the DJ’s full story has been told.

All the above is used at Jazzy Joe's DJ Workshop to give the best training possible to young DJ's with modern but not too sophisticated equipment. The idea is that the basics should be strong and everything else can build up on the good foundation. Equipment can only do what you will make it do. As Jazzy says, "Ultimately, it's not what you have, but what you can do with it that matters !

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